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Company NameE&H Consulting Co. Ltd. (E&H)
RepresentativeNGUYEN VAN NAM
Business Fields

・Basic consulting for compliance of environmental regulations
・Environmental regulatory documents updating

・Survey & market research in the fields of environment, chemicals, energy.
・Environmental auditing service for manufacturing factories
・Overall supporting for new investors
・Recall and treatment of waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE)

Address11F Viet-A Tower, No.9 Duy Tan, Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam
Telephone+84 24 85858833



E&H's History


For more than a decade, Vietnam's economy has always achieved strong growth, making it one of the top growth performers in the Southeast Asia. However, beside the benefits, economic development is also putting enormous pressure on quality of the environment as well as the national resources and energy. Air, water and waste pollution are becoming urgent problems of the whole society.


Vietnam is now becoming a major factory of the world where many giant multinational enterprises have built production facilities to supply competitive products and services for domestic and international markets. This also requires the transformation of the growth model in the direction of ensuring the harmony between economic growth and environmental protection, resolutely not exchanging the environment for immediate economic benefits, and setting long-term sustainability as an important goal.


Facing that situation, Vietnam focuses on amending the legal systems and updating environmental technical standards in the direction of linking technical standards of waste sources in the manufacturing sectors with those of ambient air quality, taking into account of the environmental factors of the affected objects, and the environmental sensitivity level at the places where the projects are being implemented. In addition, it is also important to apply the best available technologies to control and prevent pollution, to orient enterprises to adopt them in accordance with the conditions in Vietnam, in order to achieve the highest environmental efficiency, and at first, to meet the requirements in the laws of environmental protection at a reasonable cost.


Recognizing the importance of the problem, E&H Consulting Co., Ltd. was establised as a group of EnviX Ltd. - a global consultancy firm operating in the fields of environment, chemicals and energy, headquartered in Tokyo, with 25 years of experience in consulting for leading companies in Japan and around the world, and other partners in Vietnam and Asian countries, called as E&H group. Goal of our group is to help local and foreign enterprises to comply with regulations regarding to management and techniques of environment, chemicals, energy, water resources, occupational safety and health and other areas in the process of manufacturing and trading in Vietnam.



E&H's Global Network



EnviX Ltd. (Japan): www.envix.co.jp

Green and Blue Planet Solutions (Thailand): www.gb-planet.com

Center for Environmental Research and Community Development (Vietnam): www.moitruongvacongdong.com


E&H's Business Features

・Team of leading experts

E&H has a team of leading Japanese and Vietnamese consultants with expertise in regulations and engineering in the fields of environment, chemical, energy, occupational safety and health.

⇒ We can propose the best solutions for clients based on enxtensive experiences of EnviX Ltd. (Japan), and projects conducted in Vietnam. 


・Broad network of global partners

E&H has broad network, not only in Vietnam, Japan, but also in other countries of Asian area (eg. Chinese, Philipines, Indonesia, etc.) 

⇒ We can provide to clients a wide range of solutions based on experiences from many case studies in Vietnam and other countries. 


・Multilingual support

E&H has an international team of staffs can communicate in three languages, Japanese, English, and Vietnamese. 

⇒ We can provide consulting solutions and reports in many languages, particularly in Japanese, which can help Japanese manufacturing clients easier to approach to regulations and policies of Vietnam. 


・Total consulting solutions

Beside basic consulting on environmental regulations, E&H is building many new services, such as Environmental Auditing Service, WEEE Consulting Service, Supporting for New Investors.

⇒ We can reponse to up-to-date issues of production facilites, including not only complying with regulations and policies, but also solving technical and economical problems, in order to provide a total solution for local and foreign manufacturing companies operating or investing in Vietnam.



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