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E&H Consulting Co., Ltd. provides legal and policy consulting services in various fields including environment, water resources, chemicals, energy, occupational health and safety, to local and foreign manufacturing companies operating or investing in Viet Nam. We work closely with leading experts who directly formulate and guide the implementation of policies and laws in Viet Nam. It is very important for companies, especially FDI enterprises in Viet Nam, to get regular updates and support regarding laws and regulations in Viet NamIn order to best meet this demand, E&H offers the "In-depth Consulting Service" - a service package which supports customers in a comprehensive manner. The package includes: 


  • Regular UPDATES on the latest laws and regulations in environment, chemicals, and other related fields (EHS);  
  • In-depth ANALYSIS on policies, regulations, incidents, and violations with opinions from experts 
  • Timely RESPONSE to companies’ questions and concerns. 

With the In-depth Consulting Services, our goal is to help businesses comply with laws, regulations and policies, enhance management capabilities, and foster awareness about environmental protection. We also want to help businesses avoid undesired violations, and bring confidence and peace of mind in the process of investment, production and business in Viet Nam.


Service Package Details



Note: At Q&A section, the package does NOT include contents of doing research, business visiting or representing customers to work with government authorities. Please see the below additional options.



Price List




Note: The above annual contract fee basically applies to one factory. The fee changes based on the scale of business and specific requirements. 

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