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E&H offers “Environmental Procedures Service" - the necessary service not only for new investment projects, but also for production, trading and service establishments have been in operation.

Environmental procedures such as EIA, environmental licenses are requirements binding responsibility for a business to fulfill its obligations of documents and files for environmental protection in accordance with the law. Therefore, “Environmental Procedures Service” will help businesses update, understand and comply with the law on environmental requirements for the operation of production and trading become more efficient.


Service Detail

 E&H consult and implement environmental profiles:





Service supply process



Environmental impact assessment 

 Environmental impact assessment (EIA) report is a mandatory procedure for new and operating investment projects before project construction.

Subjects must make the EIA

  • New factory construction
  • Factory expansion, capacity increase
  • Changing production technology
  • Importing scarp as raw materials for production

Depending on the type, scale and capacity, the project must make an environmental impact assessment report (EIA) or an environmental protection plan (EPP).

1. Preliminary survey

Send customer a list of documents to be provided, environmental monitoring at the project site

2. Make EIA report

Make EIA report based on provided information and environmental monitoring results

3. Community consultation

Organize community consultation meetings in the locality where the project is located.

4. Submit EIA report

Submit documents to the authorities, support the inspection and appraisal process until approval.


E&H also supports other procedures after completing project construction: Environmental License, Environmental Registration, Trial Operation & Confirmation of completion of environmental protection works, etc.

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