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Environmental Procedure Service 


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E&H offers “Environmental Procedures Service" - the necessary service not only for new investment projects, but also for production, trading and service establishments have been in operation.

Environmental procedures such as EIA, environmental licenses are requirements binding responsibility for a business to fulfill its obligations of documents and files for environmental protection in accordance with the law. Therefore, “Environmental Procedures Service” will help businesses update, understand and comply with the law on environmental requirements for the operation of production and trading become more efficient.


 Service Detail

E&H consult and implement environmental profiles:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Protection Report
  • Environmental License
  • Environmental Registration


 Service supply process

1. Get the project

2. Collect documents

Ask customers to provide relevant documents

3.  Analyze, write reports

Data analysis and report writing

4. Send customers 1st Draft

Check and send customers to revise the first Draft

5. Edit, submit report

Complete editing, printing, bringing the client to sign and submit to the authority

6. Send results to customers

Wait for the authority to confirm and send the results to the customer




Environmental Impact Assessment



Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report  is a mandatory procedure for new and operating  investment projects before project construction.


  • New factory construction
  • Expansion of factory, increase scale and capacity
  • Change production technology
  • Change waste treatment technology
  • Change Location
  • Change the location of direct discharge of wastewater after treatment

Depending on the type, scale and capacity, the  project must make an environmental impact  assessment report (EIA) or an environmental  protection plan (EPP).

    Environmental Protection Report   

Environmental Protection Report is a type of report that is made annually and sent to state agencies. This is a mandatory report that production and business units having environmental permits or environmental registrations as prescribed must make. (except for subjects exempt from environmental registration as prescribed in Article 32, Decree 08/2022/ND-CP).

Making reports as prescribed in Appendix VI issued together with Circular 02/2022/TT-BTNMT

Deadline: (Only make and submit once a year)

  • Before January 5 of the following year (Based on production, business, and service establishments)
  • Before January 10 of the following year (Investor of industrial zones and production areas)
   Environmental license   


Group I, Group II and Group III investment projects that generate waste water, dust and gas emissions into the environment must be treated or generate hazardous wastes must be managed according to regulations on waste management when officially put into operation.

Urgent public investment projects according to the regulations on public investment are exempted from environmental permits.


  • Dossier to apply for an environmental permit:
  • An application for an environmental permit
  • Environmental permit proposal report
  • Legal and technical documents of investment projects, facilities, concentrated production, business and service zones, industrial clusters
    Environmental Registration   


Investment projects that generate waste but are not subject to environmental permits (except for a number of subjects exempt from environmental registration specified in Appendix XVI, Decree 08/2022/ND-CP)


According to form 47, Appendix II, Circular 02/2022/TT-BTNMT

  • General information about investment projects and facilities.
  • Type of production, business, service, technology, product capacity; raw materials, fuel, chemicals used (if any)
  • Type and volume of waste generated
  • Plan for collection, management and treatment of waste according to regulations
  • Commitment to environmental protection


E&H also supports other procedures after completing project construction: Environmental License, Environmental Registration, Trial Operation & Confirmation of completion of environmental protection works, etc.

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