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Manufacturers and importers of chewing gum must pay environmental protection funds

The inclusion of chewing gum in the list of products manufacturers and importers must contribute to the Environmental Protection Fund in order to share the financial burden with the state and people in the collection and treatment of chewing gum. The reason, chewing gum is mainly made from plastic, so it exists in the natural environment, causing bad impacts on the environment; Moreover, collecting gum residue is very difficult if not impossible. Most of the present chewing gum in Vietnam is disposed of directly into the environment, difficult to decompose, causing unsightly beauty and environmental pollution.

Through a lot of consultations and international experience, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment decided to include in the draft Decree guiding the Law on Environmental Protection 2020, which stipulates that manufacturers and importers are expected to pay 1 .5% of the value of the shipment goes to the Environmental Protection Fund to support the collection and treatment of chewing gum.

Source: Environmental Resources Newspaper - September 4, 2021

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