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  E&H offers the service package 'Market research and survey' - a service provides intensive survey reports on regulations, policies, and research on the operation of related businesses to the fields of environment, chemicals, energy, OSH, FPF at the request of customers.

  Market research and survey service is a guideline to help businesses have the most general view on issues related to the market, understand current regulations, go in the right direction when deciding to invest, produce and do business in Vietnam. Beside that, it helps businesses improve production efficiency, ensure strict compliance with environmental protection regulations, contributing to the sustainable development process in Vietnam.


Service Details


Survey Content


  • Compliance Survey





Survey compliance with regulations on collection and treatment of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE), regulations on management of solid waste, wastewater, ...

(Environmental Regulations)


Surveying compliance with regulations on OSH of workers working in factories

(Regulations on OSH)






Survey of compliance with ROHS, GHS, SDS regulations, hazardous chemical transport regulations, ...

(Chemical management regulations)



Survey compliance with regulations on FPF for businesses

(Regulations on FPF)



Survey of compliance with energy-saving label regulations for electrical and electronic equipment

(Energy Regulations)


(Refer Chemical consulting service)


  • Market survey

Survey about business investment environment for foreign enterprises wishing to invest in Vietnam:

For example: Market research on water treatment technology, equipment and linkages for industrial wastewater treatment and sludge,…




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