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Chemical Consulting Service



Chemical is one of the indispensable input materials in industrial production and other fields. Chemical management in Vietnam according to current regulations includes all stages of the chemical life cycle such as import, production, trading, use, preservation, transportation and disposal.

"Chemical consulting service” is a comprehensive consulting service model in the field of chemicals to assist businesses in understanding and complying with legal regulations related to records, procedures and management requirements. other reasons in the process of producing, trading and using chemicals in Vietnam.

 Chemical Consulting Package (Annual Contract)

1. Quarterly Report

  • Quarterly report on latest regulations and polices on chemical management in Vietnam
  • Language: Japanese and Vietnamese
  • Volume:Total 12 pages for both languages

2. Q&A Consulting

  • Q&A consulting on Vietnam chemical regulations via telephone, online meeting, E-mail)
  • Scope of Q&A consulting: regulations on fields of chemical, customs
  • Language: Japanese and Vietnamese
  • Q&A duration: 2 hours/month

3. Document Checking

  • Safety data sheet (SDS), GHS label
  • Classification of hazardous chemicals
  • Documents on management of toxic chemicals, industrial precurors
  • National Chemical Database
  • Chemical incident prevention and response plan / measure, etc.

※ Separated quotation for large amount of documents

※ Amendment of SDS, labels; Report preparation; Management of chemical information are not included in this packages


Chemical License Support

We support for application of licenses for manufaturing and trading of chemicals in Vietnam. Depending on hazardous characteristics, manufacturing  and trading of chemicals are required licenses as follows:

  1. Certificates for production and trading of  conditional industrial chemicals
  2. Licenses for production and trading of restricted industrial chemicals

※Subject of conditional and restricted chemical are determined  based on Annex I and II of Decree 113/2017/ND-CP


Service Supply Process

1. Checking of Chemical Information

To check chemical-related information and documents (SDS, etc.) provided by customers.

2. Preparation of Applying Dossier

To prepare applying dossier, consult on warehouse for dangerous goods, chemical safety training, etc.

3. Submission & examination

To submit the applying dossier, support during examination on documents or at site by the  authorities.

4. License approval support

To follow to final approval by the authorities. Support for concerns about the obtained chemical licenses


Support for incident prevention and response plan


We support for preparation of incident prevention and response plan for customers who manufacture or trade hazardous chemical products. Before starting the project, an incident prevention and response plan approved by the authority is required.

Targeted chemicals:

  • Substances in the list of hazardous chemicals, or mixtures
  • Storage of chemical substances above maximum permissible amount

Service Supply Process:

- Before starting the project

  • Support for preparation of planning report
  • Meeting with the authority on examination

- After starting the project

  • Support for chemical auditing by the authority
  • Support for chemical safety training program

Consulting about Vietnam National Chemical Inventory (NCI)

- We provide total support relating to Vietnam National Chemical Inventory (NCI)

- You don’t know how to apply substances in NCI?

- You don’t know why your applied substances have not been approved?

- You want to now the current status of NCI?


We provide total support relating to Vietnam National Chemical Inventory (NCI)

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